Os 5 cortes mais úteis (Premiere (EN, Youtube)

Publicado a 04/06/2019, 10:05 por Luis Pitta -org-   [ atualizado a 04/06/2019, 10:20 ]

Os 5 cortes mais úteis:

1. The Standard Cut
The foundation, the natural thing that happens when you place one clip next to the other. You can build entire video projects with just this.
2. Cut to B-Roll
This is a great way to show different things while the same narration and dialogue is still happening or call back to other clips to demonstrate what someone is taking about.
3. Jump Cut
This can be used to create stop motion like montages, show passages of time and even do magic illusions with the proper planning.
4. Cut to the beat
Editing the beat and flow of the music is important and cutting to the beat is a big part of that. This doesn’t always mean cutting on the drum hits, it could just mean making sure the sequencing matches the pace of the song and vice versa.
5. Cut Perspectives
Cutting in our out of different angles or locations in the same scene can be used to enter establishing shots, offer different perspective both in story and in shot, and show action.

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