Historia: As 5 fases de uma história (EN)

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There are 5 stages of a Story
Fig 1: Pirâmide de Freytag

Stage 1 - Exposition

Exposition is at the base of the mountain or the beginning of the story. This is where the author sets up the story including characters, setting, and main conflicts.

Stage 2 - Rising Action

The Rising Action occurs as you begin to move throughout the story. This is where conflicts start to build just like when you climb a mountain you are moving further along.

Stage 3 - Climax

The Climax is the turning point of the story. You have reached the top of the mountain and you cannot go any further, you have to turn and go down. This point in the story is when things finally start to move in a different direction and it may not always be a positive direction.

Stage 4 - Falling Action

Falling Action occurs after the climax as things start to work themselves out in the story. You are coming down the mountain just as you are coming down from the excitement of the climax.

Stage 5 - Resolution

The Resolution is the solution to the problem as you have reached the bottom of the mountain. The solution might not be what you want, but the conflict has been resolved.

You can easily understand this 5 stages through the story The Three Little Pigs:

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