Aplicações para fazer "Apresentações electrónicas"

Publicado a 26/02/2014, 13:18 por Luis Pitta   [ atualizado a 30/05/2015, 03:57 por Luis Pitta -org- ]

O mundo das apresentações electrónicas é, em certa medida, dominado pelo Powerpoint da Microsoft, mas há outros programas de apresentação electrónica que vale a pena conhecer:

(EN) Uma comparação entre o Powerpoint e o Keynote:

Keynote Pros:

  • Alpha transparency support
  • User friendliness and handy tool and format bar
  • Media-based; easy incorporation of media–sound, video, images, Flash etc.
  • Very easy to use
  • Easy conversion to Powerpoint presentation and Quicktime slideshow
  • Creates professional and sleek presentations; beautiful themes, smooth transitions and fun effects
  • Easy integration to podcasts, iPad, iPhone, etc.

Keynote Cons:

  • Keynote program cannot be run on Microsoft, but Powerpoint is available through Microsoft Office for Mac
  • Unlike Powerpoint, it cannot display the timeline for animations
  • Cannot support Visual Basic
  • Can add pages for additional notes

Powerpoint Pros:

  • Created for text-based presentations so it handles text formatting quite well
  • Incorporates graphs, images, animations
  • Compatible with both PC and Mac

Powerpoint Cons:

  • Very busy interface
  • Doesn’t load audio and video as smoothly
  • Large file size especially for large presentations or media-heavy presentations
  • One word: BORING. Powerpoint is overused by both students and professionals–there’s nothing new here.

In other words, Powerpoint is popular but Keynote is interesting. Powerpoint is democratic, but Keynote is enigmatic. The brainchild of Apple is ultimately king.