Javascript: Batalha Naval II

Publicado a 03/04/2019, 11:12 por Luis Pitta ‎[org]‎   [ atualizado a 03/04/2019, 11:14 ]


A very very simple Battleship game written in plain JavaScript:

Read about the game and its rules here:

Step 1: Create your files

Useful references:

Step 2: Create a grid on your HTML page for the game board

Useful references:

Step 3: Model the game board in JavaScript and place ships

Useful references:

Step 4: Create event handler and write the game logic

Useful references:

Step 5: Play the game!

Play the game here:

Features to implement next:

  • Display game messages within the HTML page instead of using alert()
  • Randomize placement of the ships at the start of each game
  • Make better graphics, maybe add sound effects?
  • Make a 2-player version of the game!