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2015: for mobile

O que quer dizer wireframe e mock-up?

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By now you've been to your site home page. A few things will want to try in case you haven't already:

1) Invite your staff:

This is the core team from your company that will have permission to create projects.

Within each project, you can use the Project Members menu to add individual team members and even clients and outside contractors.

2) Set up your location and Skype address:

Doing this lets your team make the most of collaborative features while working in Mockups. You'll be able to start Skype chats, send email with a team member or an entire project team while you're working on a mockup, just by clicking the Project Members menu. If everyone sets working hours, you'll even be able to see who's available using the team map!

3) Try "Propose Alternate Version" in comments.

Instead of just commenting on a mockup, why not show what you mean?

Proposing alternate mockups is like version control for wireframes. We think it's a killer feature to allow teams to explore different ideas at the same time and review them before selecting the right design.

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We've got more tips and tricks in the documentation here :

If you have any questions, we're here and can be reached around the clock. We also love to hear your ideas for how to make myBalsamiq better.

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