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Microfones: Uma introdução

Publicado a 28/02/2014, 15:49 por Luis Pitta   [ atualizado a 23/02/2018, 04:34 por Luis Pitta -org- ]

ENG mics:

One of the keys to deciding on a microphone is to know the lingo.  For example, the more I researched microphones and other sound gear, the more I saw the acronym "ENG."  Knowing diddly about sound or microphones, I just assumed it stood for "engineering" as in "audio engineering."  As it turns out, just the fact that "ENG" kept showing up in the places I was looking was a good thing.  That's because it stands for Electronic News Gathering and it generally applies to the category of gear that news professionals (reporters, their crews, etc.) take with them when they go "on location." 

Not surprisingly, some microphones are designed specifically for ENG applications.  In other words, they're designed to deliver the best possible sound given the range of situations that news gatherers might encounter in the field.  For example, if you've ever watched TV news reporters interviewing someone on location, then you can't help but notice how they wave their microphones back and forth between themselves and their interviewees. 

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