NLEs gratuitos (inclui Videopad, MovieMaker e Lightworks)

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fev 2019: sugerimos o Shotcut que foi bastante melhorado

Os 5 melhores NLEs gratuitos que vale a pena conhecer

1. Lightworks:
2. VideoPad Video Editor:
3. Shotcut:
4. VSDC Free Video Editor:

Videopad (5MB)
Uma alternativa ao Windows Live Movie Maker:

Lightworks (76MB)
Uma alternativa mais profissional ao Windows Movie Maker:

Instructions for online activation:
    1. Ensure your system has a connection to the internet and start Lightworks
    2. The application will open, displaying a login screen.
    3. Enter your username and password into the named fields, then click 'Continue'.
    4. The software will check for available licenses (e.g. Pro or DNxHD).
    5. Select the license you wish to activate and click 'Activate'.
    6. Alternatively, click 'Cancel' to enable the Free version of Lightworks.
    7. Lightworks is now ready for use.

If you do not have an internet connection on the machine to be activated, you can carry out an 
offline activation.