3. Mini Course 2015/16 (10 sessões)

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Welcome to the Mini Course 2015, this is a first version of a new course, taking the full course framework and condensing it into 10 bite sized chunks. Over the next few months we will be testing this new product with a pilot group of schools

As with the full course framework please feel free to adapt the resources to suit your students needs. If you have any questions/comments/feedback or would like to share some of the resources you have adapted then please do so via the Educator Forum where one of the team or our educators would be happy to help

Session One: Launch

Session Two: What's your Problem?

Session Three: Secret Sauce

Session Four: Expert Session - Idea Screening

Session Five: Get to know your Users

Session Six: Minimum Viable Product

Session Seven: Expert Session - Technical Feasibility

Session Eight: Build

Session Nine: Who Will Pay?

Session Ten: Pitch